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The White Wave

University of Pittsburgh Press (1984)
Winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize
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“Daniels gives dignity and authenticity to the cradle and the hearthstone as subject matter. She is at her best with details of the homely moments when disparate lives overlap or connect.” Maxine Kumin

“Kate Daniels’s dramatic imagination creates a world for us that is vividly, sometimes painfully real, with a bold clarity of detail about people and things and happenings. She investigates the ties of blood and marriage, striving always to get the specifications right, so that she can puzzle out the meanings. The White Wave introduces us to a brave and honest and compassionate poet.” Stanley Kunitz

“I love the clarity of language in Kate Daniels’s poetry. Only deep feeling and the courage and humanity to confront that feeling, could produce such clarity. This is a fine book.” Gerald Stern