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A Walk in Victoria’s Secret

Louisiana State University Press (2011)
Southern Messenger Series, Dave Smith, editor
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“Kate Daniels’s new poems deploy two faculties which are usually segregated: an unstoppable and exhaustive analytic intelligence and a poet’s deep allegiance to sensuousness and mystery…. Again and again, she aims herself with a terrible velocity into the dreadfuls of her life, and un-dreads them. Reading these poems, I have often felt the alarmed mixture of shock and relief that the first readers of Plath must have felt. Brace yourself. A Walk in Victoria’s Secret is no joke.”  Tony Hoagland

“Utterly original, Kate Daniels welds her considerable lyric and narrative gifts in these hybrid meditations. She offers up an American South saturated with startling intimacies, yoking familial and social history. The poems on women’s bodies and lives are fearless, virtuosic.” Robin Becker